Dorota Chioma

Dorota Chioma, is an artist based in London. After years of self-suppression, which was sabotaging her wellbeing, she has been reborn through a rediscovery of her own creativity. 

Dorota’s artwork explores the varying states concerning the mind and mental health. Engaging in these diverse subjects leads her to a reflection and visual representation. 

Her art manifests and represents struggles of many people who suffer from mental health issues. She currently actively advocates for breaking stigma around mental health through her art and engagement in campaigning and charity work (Time to Change, MumsAid). She has recently published a book ‘Mental Health in Pictures’ consisting of over 30 images and narratives behind the collection of work depicting own mental health and recovery journey.

This piece titled Mother's Love was created by Dorota and 100% of the profits go towards TIPA Charity who implement art courses to build confidence and participation with 450 children from the poorest regions in Mauritius, also providing parenting skills training and support to 50 parents.

You can find Dorota at: